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Hi all anglers. I fish for over 40 years from 35 years bream passionate about and I am on fish from 360 days in the year.
Few fish although I submit that in 10 years I worked with the editorial Polish angler. Currently working with editors WMH. My reported bream is 7.15 kg. This is not the greatest my record. Great more than 5 kg of bream I catch every year several dozen. When I met them through the years of old habits tench, roach big golden, meter pike or perch toniowych. My experience really affected the hardware and especially on floats. Nature has its own laws and not worth it to change them, I get to it, and therefore I adapt my results are not different. Even floats started to do the same from a natural material with batons or water. And this is why I do not paint bodies in intricate no colors. Let them are natural, because summing my results is something in it. Cover from experience I know that you do not need colorful as trinkets on the Christmas tree. Nobody small colored strips on Antenna from a distance of several meters not distinguish not face it. Unless it on the shelf. To share these floats with other anglers talked me anglers who annually visit me from across the Polish, and catch my floats have for years even report records.
So I invite you to try and YOU.