Winter PELLET - groundbait fishing for big fish Maximize

Winter PELLET - groundbait fishing for big fish

Pellet from Barton for the cold season:

  • autumn,
  • winter (ice),
  • early spring.

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Pellet from Barton for the cold season:

  • autumn,
  • winter (ice),
  • early spring.


The composition of the pellets are proven products and flavoring additives tested by me for nearly 40 years.

All 100% natural.

Very quickly pulls baited place big fish, which for these flavors and smells do not have to get used to, because I know them from their environment.

You no longer need to combine mixtures, there is a ready and convenient groundbait, but the bait.

In my pellets (Barton) hid all his experience and practice 45 years and its secrets - Rods, taste and smell.

My Pellet is made from grains of the highest quality and purity, because only such a composition without the chaff and trash can download big fish and stay in the fishery. Fish that eat heartily willing to come back clean products such baited place than the fish, which hurt something from our menu unclean.

My pellet is very fast, which is not in arrears hard hours in the water. It has to work after a maximum of a few minutes and quickly attracts fish in baited place (especially in winter)

And we know that now fall and then winter bream and roach swimming and foraging in large flocks so it developed my natural groundbait over the years to a very fast fish started coming in to her and her prey. Small fish not raven here long as natural additives already after a few minutes flock of different layers of water and distance larger fish, and often specimens of bream, roach or. Greasy and a lot, but this time not too thick. Although I, and so the first days lure the ice creams I add a couple of cans of corn with smrodkiem "WINTER", then the very pellet or groundbait winter. After a week, as I have already bream fishery donec are only a little of the pellets or baits winter. Pellet is so good that the winter though weak currents do not pinch it from our fishery.

Remember 90% of that catch fish life this place will do the rest suitable groundbait ...

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